Although I no longer work directly with children, I have considerable experience working with adults, adolescents and children experiencing a range of psychological difficulties such as:

  • Various Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression in children and adults including Bipolar Mood Disorder
  • Relationship issues with partners, parents, siblings, peers and authority figures
  • Problematic behaviour in children, for example aggressive or withdrawn behaviour, bullying and teasing
  • Self-Harming behaviour in adolescents and adults
  • The effects of divorce on both adults, adolescents and children
  • Stress and difficulties with work/ life balance
  • Grief, including the death of a loved one or the loss of an important relationship through break ups or divorces
  • Post natal depression and disruptions in bonding with your infant
  • Low self esteem


Regrettably I no longer have the appropriate setting to see children for play therapy. However, I have a passion for parent counselling whereby I guide and empower parents to parent more positively and effectively.

I strongly believe that many of the problems children these days experience come from issues unrelated to their own internal struggles. For example, a recent study shows that up to 50% of school going children are on some type of psychiatric medication. This is an astounding figure and points to the fact that children today are very stressed and have enormous demands and pressures placed on them. Parents can play a critical role in providing an environment that is safe and balanced, enabling children to thrive and grow without the need for psychiatric medication or play therapy. If you are feeing overwhelmed, lost or confused about your role as a parent, please phone me for an appointment.